What you might be interested to know:

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive from our clients.

For defining your requirement, we recommend considering the following points: the size of the required offices, the number of parking spaces, the size of the storage space, the lease term start and length and the desired location.

To determine the area of offices, it is important to know how many people will use your offices and if you prefer separate rooms or open space or possibly a combination of both.  How many meeting rooms do you need and for how many people?  How much ancillary space (eg. kitchen) do you require?  Are you also considering a relax area for your employees?  Will you have a reception?  Do you need storage space and how big? How many parking spaces would you like to rent? Alternatively, if you also need parking spaces for clients.  When will the lease period start? Which location is of interest to you?

Your new address is important for your company, your employees and your customers.  What are your priorities and considerations, eg:

  • accessibility by public transport, primarily by metro, but also by tram or bus, and at the same time, accessibility by car for employees and clients,
  • the availability of services in the area such as restaurants, cafes, medical facilities, shopping possibilities, eg. proximity of a shopping centre with services is always an advantage,
  • can you arrive by bike and safely park it in a dedicated bicycle storage area which is also equipped with a shower?
  • where do your employees live and what location are they used to?
  • parking options for employees and clients,
  • overall costs,
  • overall quality of space, (modern building, air conditioning, 24hr security, etc.)
  • the location of competing companies.

If you’re considering moving into new premises within the next 12 months, or your existing lease expires within this period, then it is the right time to start looking for a new office.

Based on our experience, arranging space for small companies (up to 250 m2), can take up to 6 months, for medium-sized companies (up to 500 m2) this can be 6-9 months and up to one year or more for companies seeking a large area (over 500 m2).

Usually finding the premises, negotiating the terms, and successfully concluding the lease agreement takes between a third to half the total time.  The completion of the space fit-out until you move-in takes the remainder of the time.

Please note that you must include rent and service charges, directly metered services (eg. electricity), as well as the cost of fit-out of the premises, ICT systems, furniture, and moving services.  We will assist you to negotiate competitive leasing terms according to the size of the rented area, the length of the lease period all in accordance with the set budget.

We will secure the most suitable premises for your business.